Case study ERP CRM

Odoo ERP Solution

Client Challenge: A growing e-commerce business sought to streamline its inventory management and order processing operations. The client faced inefficiencies with manual processes and disparate systems, resulting in delays and errors in fulfilling customer orders.

Xynocast’s Solution: Our team implemented an Odoo ERP solution tailored to the client’s needs. We customized modules for inventory management, order processing, and customer relationship management, ensuring seamless integration and efficient operations.


  1. Reduced order processing time by half.
  2. Improved inventory accuracy and availability.
  3. Enhanced customer satisfaction through faster order fulfillment.
Case Study Zoho

Zoho based ERP for a professional services firm

Client Challenge: A professional services firm required a comprehensive ERP solution to manage project finances and resource allocation. The client struggled with disparate systems and manual processes, leading to inefficiencies in project management and financial tracking.

Xynocast’s Solution: We implemented a Zoho ERP solution customized to the client’s requirements. Our team configured modules for project management, time tracking, and financial reporting, providing real-time insights and streamlined workflows.


  1. Increased project profitability through better resource allocation. 
  2. Improved project tracking and budget management.
  3. Enhanced financial visibility and reporting capabilities.
Case study ERP

Customized ERP Solution for a manufacturing company

Client Challenge: A manufacturing company sought to modernize its operations and integrate its legacy systems with modern technology. The client’s legacy systems were outdated and incompatible with modern solutions, hindering productivity and innovation.

Xynocast’s Solution: Our team developed a hybrid ERP solution combining Zoho’s backend with custom front-end interfaces. We integrated legacy systems with Zoho applications, enhancing functionality and providing a seamless user experience.


  1. Streamlined operations through modernized workflows and automation.
  2. Improved data visibility and accessibility across the organization.
  3. Enhanced user satisfaction with a user-friendly and customized ERP solution.